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Business Broadband

We Do I.T.

This market segment consists of two common applications: high capacity enterprise connections, both private and service provider supplied, and mobile backhaul.

These applications have grown in needs from Mbps to Gbps. For private networks, or supplying each company in a large business building gigabit service, high capacity networks are required.

Mobile and small cells capacities have grown dramatically in just the past 5 years reaching several Gbps. As a result the backhaul connections are now requiring 5 and even 10Gbps.

Siklu’s mmWave portfolio meets all of the above requirements be it for the enterprise or the service provider, delivering more Gbps over longer distances.

Business Connectivity (MTU)

Businesses or Enterprises are often have multiple physical locations spread throughout a city.  For some, public Internet connections with VPNs etc are an acceptable method of connecting individual offices.  For others a private network is needed.  Banks are one example of a private enterprise that requires a high speed, private Gbps+ network.  Siklu’s easy-to-deploy wireless links provide your enterprise network secure, reliable, multigigabit connectivity.

Campus Networks 

These networks are designed to connect multiple buildings or locations that are part of a single school or enterprise and are physically co-located within several square miles.  Many times WiFi access is also a part of a campus network, and these high capacity small cells also need connectivity. These deployments have a variety of needs in connectivity – from capacity to range – and Siklu offers a broad selection of products to provide the best solution for each portion of the network.