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Smart Cities

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There are a plethora of applications emerging in the Smart City market that require Mbps and in many cases even Gbps. 

Video Security with multiple cameras supporting HD or 4K are becoming the norm, while Public WiFi APs support over 2Gbps connectivity requiring a suitable backhaul connection for support.

Cities cannot afford, nor should they have to pay for, more than one network to deliver all the data of their cameras, WiFi Hot Spots, and even city office connectivity demands.

So how do you extend your smart city network everywhere, on time and on budget? That’s where Siklu’s field-proven mmWave wireless solutions come into play with multi-gigabit capacities and zero interference. Siklu radios can provide the performance and reliability you need for your smart city network. 

Video Security

Video surveillance has long been a growth industry. Where much of the growth used to be enterprise focused, with camera networks targeting indoors, there has been a push in the past several years to provide ubiquitous video security to cities at large parking lots, streets, parks, transportation hubs and more. 

These cameras, some of which 4K based pushing 100Mbps of video traffic cannot all be served by wireline connections.  Especially for this application, the camera needs to go where it needs to be irrespective if a connection exists. Enter Siklu’s complete portfolio of mmWave solutions for high speed interference free video security connections.

Municipal Networks

Most cities today, even in rural area, have multiple locations and functions distributed around the town. City hall, libraries, police and fire are just a few tenants on a typical municipal network. 

Such network often times based on leased lines with high monthly fees.  Today Smart Cities can deploy a single network to deliver not only low-cost city connectivity, but this same network can be used for Video Security and Public WiFi backhaul applications.

Public WiFi Backhaul

With the advent of analytics in the public WiFi space, these systems now have a recurring revenue stream to support daily operation.

With this innovation and the increasing expectation of high speed access everywhere Public WiFi is expanding. 

Siklu’s mmWave wireless links backhaul Wi-Fi over ultra-wide, available spectrum, providing high-capacity, reliable communication. With the latest WiFi standards delivering multiple Gbps throughputs, the backhaul for these APs has to meet or exceed those capabilities.

Siklu’s mmWave wireless links backhaul Wi-Fi over ultra-wide, available spectrum, providing high-capacity, reliable communication.


Transportation hubs like airports, sea ports and central train stations are a high priority security target. In addition to anti-terrorism protection, authorities are concerned about many issues including smuggling, safety, anti-theft and management. Connectivity to wide coverage surveillance cameras is mission critical and must be reliable at all times.

Siklu millimeter wave systems provide wireless fiber connectivity that is highly reliable and immune to interference, jamming or hacking. They can be used to provide connectivity beyond the reach of fiber. They are also perfect for fiber backup, particularly in ports, where the ground can get waterlogged.

For roadways and railways undergoing construction the mmW system can provide temporary connectivity that can be easily moved to a different stretch of roadway or railway when needed.

Small Cell & Mobile Backhaul

This application requires not only typical high capacity backhaul from a cell tower, but increasingly includes small cell backhaul as well.  The challenge is many small cell Base Stations, both existing 4G and soon to be deployed 5G versions, support an average of 3.5Gbps access speeds to the end users.  This means the backhaul connection has to be able to handle 2 to 3Gbps of traffic, and be deployed at street level. Siklu has a broad selection of street level (small) high capacity products to choose from for this application.